A Victorian gold mounted Scottish pebble brooch

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A Victorian gold mounted Scottish pebble brooch
with a rectangular plaque of brown moss agate in a delicate frame. The brooch is not marked but that is not unusual in Victorian pieces where the gold is below a certain weight. The overall size of the brooch is 4cm x 3.5cm. The brown moss agate forms lovely natural patterns against the more opaque background. “Scottish Pebble” jewellery was made popular by Queen Victoria after she purchased Balmoral in 1852 and made the tweeds and tartans of the north of Scotland fashionable far beyond the reaches of the Highlands. Pebble jewellery uses stones native to Scotland and which therefore perfectly adorned the natural hues of the tweeds. Most Scottish Pebble jewellery is set in silver making this example one of the finer pieces being set in gold.

Stock No: C13858

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