Silvy Weatherall (Born 1968) Dartford Warbler

Silvy Weatherall (Born 1968)
Dartford Warbler
photographic print
Numbered 1/10, initialled and dated 2017
39 x 55cm
framed and glazed

Silvy Weatherall is a Galloway artist who finds use for objects that have lost their function or have been discarded, this has lead her to work with feathers, disarticulated animal and bird skeletons, old jewellery and broken ceramics.

This photograph is one of a series in which Silvy catalogues through imagery an antique collection of eggs. The Dartford Warbler (Sylvia undata) was close to extinction in the 1960’s but numbers are now on the incline. Photographed here are three specimen eggs contained within the nest.


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