“The Tara Brooch” Replica by George Waterhouse

“The Tara Brooch” Replica by George Waterhouse
Dublin 1850.
The original Tara brooch was supposedly discovered in Ireland in 1850. Tara Brooch is a pseudo-pennanular Celtic brooch made in 650-750 AD but it was not as the name suggests found at Tara Hill, traditionally seen as the seat of the High Kings of Ireland, it was a title made up by the Dublin jeweller, George Waterhouse, who purchased it for twelve pounds, as a marketing strategy for the replicas they made, of which this is a very fine example. Such brooches feature throughout Irish folklore and integrate both Christian and pre-Christian beliefs.
Due to its incredible preservation and stunning design, the Tara Brooch achieved great fame, being shown at the Great Exhibition of London in 1851, the Paris Exposition Universelle in 1855 and was sent to Queen Victoria to inspect at Windsor Castle.
It is not often that these early replicas of The Tara Brooch by George Waterhouse come on the market and the finish and condition of this example makes it very desirable.



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